Recent Land Discovery

The Sydney Morning Herald

17 May 1845

Recent Discovery.

We have been credibly informed that Mr. Bingham, the Commissioner of Crown Lands, has discovered a considerable portion of available land on the Murrumbidgee, about 200 miles from Gundagai.

As its distance from Sydney is 500 miles, it would be of no use to graziers, but very fortunately Mr. Bingham, on his tour of discovery, made Colonel Garyan's station, on the River Edward, by means of which he could reach Melbourne, as it brings it within 250 miles of this place.

Mr. Melville, from the Tumut, accompanied Mr. Bingham. There is no doubt but a road to this place will yet be found by the Loddon; several gentlemen, viz., Messrs. Higgins, Melville, Hobbler, Stack (of the Lachlan), and Wentworth, have settled there, all of whom (being compelled) must proceed to Melbourne with their wool and for supplies.

Several stations have also been taken on the Murray, and there is still a sufficiency of run for those who may wish to move out from the Pyrenees.

Four troopers of Mr. Bingham's police are immediately to be stationed at the Murray, below the Edward; and if a party of Mr. Powlett's men were ordered to the other side, a very great protection would be afforded to the settlers in that quarter.

During the winter season, in this portion of the colony, the natives are extremely annoying, and entail considerable sufferings on the settlers; it would therefore be well if some arrangement could be entered into to save the property of these individuals from the most wanton destruction.

Port Phillip Herald.