Report On Road Link to Tumut

20 September 1966 The Canberra Times 

The question of the route of the proposed Canberra Tumut road has been referred back to the National Capital Development Commission by the NSW Department of Main Roads.

The Member for Hume, Mr Pettitt, who announced this yesterday, said he would continue to press for an early decision about the road.

Mr Pettitt (CP) said recent claims by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mr Whitlam, that lack of action by the Federal Government had delayed the road were completely untrue.

The question of its route had been referred to the NSW department by the NCDC which received a report back only a few days ago.

The ALP candidate for Hume, Mr Menadue, said Mr Pettitt had recently said the proposal to build the Canberra-Tumut road had been shelved over and over again.