Report on Reservations Upon Runs in Tumut District

7 May 1864 The Sydney Morning Herald  

The Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly, appointed on the 29th September, 1863, "To consider and report upon the circumstance connected with the withdrawal from lease of  portions of the runs known as ' Gocup,' and ' Gadara,' in the District of Tumut, with powers to send for persons and papers," and to whom, on the 7th October, 1863, was referred, ''the Return to Order in reference to ' Reservations upon Runs in Tumut District.' made by this House, on motion of Mr. W. Forster, on 22nd July, 1862, and laid upon the table on 27th August last," have agreed to the following Report:-

It appears to your committee that a much larger reserve was made on the Gadara Run than was required,- the reserve on the Gocup run consisting chiefly of agricultural land, might have been necessary.

Reserves have repeatedly been made for agricultural purposes, on runs held on lease; but, in this instance, it appears a reserve was made on Gadara Run which had the effect of destroying its grazing value and causing great injury to the lessee by the encroachment of others for pastoral purposes only, for this we would especially refer to the evidence of Crown Lands Commissioner Lockhart and Mr. Vyner.

Your committee have come to the conclusion that R. K. Broughton, the lessee of Gadara, has suffered great loss and injustice by the reservation of his entire run, and recommend his case to the favourable consideration of the Government.

F. T. Rusden, Chairman, Legislative Assembly Chamber, Sydney, 10th March, 1864.