Road to Tumut

26 November 1979 The Canberra Times

Sir, - I wish to record a view contrary to that put by Senator Knight (The Canberra Times, October 31) and John Newlands (November 16) concerning a direct sealed road from Tumut to Canberra.

At a time when everything points to soaring petrol prices, the allocation of millions of dollars for a tourist road for Canberra's already well-catered-for population must surely be a very low priority.

Remember, the upkeep on a road through that terrain, and in that environment, would be astronomical and snow might force its closure during winter.

Why ruin acres of what remains of our magnificent Southern Alps simply to provide tourist access to another region? There are already more than adequate highways via Yass and Gundagai, or Cooma, Adaminaby and Kiandra.

Has it ever occurred to these correspondents that many of the residents of the townships on the southern highlands and south-west slopes just might not appreciate the invasion of blue-and-white number plates?

P. Jeffery