Robery at Lacmalac, Sentences

30 September 1863 Goulburn Herald

James Kershaw, John Forster, and Samuel Kershaw were brought up for sentence.

In answer to his Honor, Sergeant Enwright said they were bad characters, and Forster was now charged with horse-stealing.

The father of the Kershaw's was defaulter in a situation of pound keeper which he had formerly held.

Mr Isaacs said he might mention that the prisoners had had no moral training; and had nothing but bad examples before them.

His Honor said that on the previous day he had sentenced three young men to fifteen years on the roads, the first year in irons.

The reason why he should not pass so severe a sentence in the present instance was that there was no reason to suppose that the prisoners had been guilty of other robberies.

He should make a note of the part taken by James Kershaw in preventing further violence being offered to the Chinese gentleman they had robbed; and although it would not at present make any difference in the sentence it would not be forgotten.

He then sentenced each of the prisoners to ten years hard labor on the roads or public works.

If he made a note that they were to undergo the whole term of their punishment of course they would have to do so; but he did not intend to do this; and if bush-ranging were effectually put down, as it certainly soon must be, he did not suppose that they would have to endure the whole term.

His Honor thanked the jury for their attendance and for the service they had rendered the country, and discharged them.