Running Mails by Motor-car Mooted

Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

18 April 1902

When Sir Wm. Lyne attended the Tumbarumba show, says the "Sunday Times," the question of running mails from there to Wagga by motor-car was mooted, and he was so taken up with the idea that he arranged to obtain particulars as to the likelihood of carrying out such service.

On Saturday in Melbourne, he was waited upon by representatives of a motor-car manufacturing company, who furnished him with all necessary information as to the cost of vehicles, speed etc. Sir William says he has several quotations in hand, and feels sure the proposed mail service will be quite praticable, not only for carrying mails, but also conveying passengers, at a rate of fifteen miles per hour.

He thinks the idea a good one, and it would afford an opportunity for persons to make the trip more expeditiously.