Sale of Benjamin Warby’s Estate

26 June 1880 The Sydney Morning Herald

By Order the Trustees of the Estate of the late Benjamin Warby, Esq. Campbelltown Farms,

Close to the township.

Lot 1.-50 acres, known as Whologhan's.

Lot 2.-30 acres, adjoining the above, and known as Dwyer's.

*,* These farms are nearly all cleared and stumped. They are bounded by a creek of permanent water, and have good stone upon them. They are admirably adapted as sites for gentlemen's country residence.

Lot 3.-80 acres, known as Dwyer's grant.

Lot 4.-50 acres, ditto Healy's ditto.

Lot 5.-10 acres, ditto Carr's ditto.

These lots adjoin each other, and are well timbered with ironbark, gum, oak, &c. The soil upon them is of a dark loamy nature, suitable for agricultural, vineyard, or grazing purposes.

They are bounded by Messrs. Wells and Smith's land and a Government reserve.

Richardson and Wrench have received instructions to sell by public auction, at the .Rooms, Pitt-street, Sydney,

On Friday, 16th July, at 11 o'clook,

The above-described lands, near Campbelltown.

Plan of position on view at the Rooms.

For particulars of titles apply to W. W. Billyard, Esq., Hunter-street; and Messrs. Gannon and M'Laughlin, King street,