Sale of the Estate of the late William Shelly

The Sydney Morning Herald

9 April 1853


A highly improved Station, situate in the Murrumbidgee District, about 13 miles from the Adjelong Gold Field, and in an excellent position as far as regards the two great markets, Melbourne and Sydney, with 5600 Sheep.-

By order of the Executors of the late William Shelly, Esq.

Mr. Mort has received instructions to sell this property by public auction, at his Rooms, Pitt-street, on Friday, April 29, at 11 o'clock,

The Sheep, (which are warranted never to have been diseased, and in excellent condition) consist of

2630 Ewes of ages

2000 Wethers, l8 months' to 4 years

1000 Lambs of last September

5630 more or less.

The Station is bounded on the west by the Tumut River, on the north by the Pine Mountain and Wranga Range, on the east by the Brangle Creek, and a tie of ranges to the Spring Sheep Station, and on the south by a line of hills which separates the run from Broughton and Whitty's runs.

The Improvements consist of the following, viz. -

Two Dwelling Houses Four Shepherds' Huts Hurdles for 4000 Sheep Two good paddocks Stockyard and Garden &c., &c., &c..

The run is exceedingly well grassed and watered, and will carry from 10,000 to 12,000.