Serious Accident Near Broughton’s

26 October 1920 The Tumut Advocate and Farmers and Settlers' Adviser

Mr. And Mrs. Jas. McCormick Badly Injured.

Some mystery surrounds the cause of an accident, resulting in serious consequences, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McCormick, of Gocup, on Sunday morning.

The Misses Brennan sr, returning to "Eurobin," Gocup, after 10 o'clock Mass at the Roman Catholic Church, Tumut, noticed the mare that Mr. McCormick usually drives careering past them with the harness on, and thinking that the animal had got away from its tethering at the church, went in to Mr. McCormick's place and informed his son, who mounted his hack and proceeded to investigate.

When he got to the hill opposite Mr. A. J. Broughton's property he was horrified to see his mother and father prostrate on the roadside and the buggy with one of the shafts broken close by.

Both were unconscious, and his mother was bleeding at the face which was much disfigured.

He placed the cushion seats of the buggy beneath their heads, and just as he made his parents as comfortable as circumstances would permit.

Mr. Thos. E. Wilkinson accompanied by Mr. R. M. Thompson, came Tumutwards in his car.

The lad galloped to Dr. Browne's and informed him of the occurrence, and the doctor hastened to the scene in his car.

It was found that Mr. McCormick's left arm was bro-ken (his right shoulder had been permanently injured in an accident a few years ago) and his back was hurt.

Mrs. McCormick's nose was flattened and badly mutilated and her face lacerated.

Dr. Browne conveyed Mr. McCormick to his home, and rendered necessary surgical aid, while Mr. Wilkinson brought Mrs. McCormick in to Nurse Emery's private hospital.

Neither occupant of the buggy can give an account of how the accident happened.

No one passed them, and no one witnessed the occurrence.

The buggy was fair on the road, with the shaft broken and one of the breeching straps was attached to it.

Yesterday the patients were somewhat improved and were able to con-verse, but both have had a severe doing.