Serious Accident To The Sydney Mail at Mullengandra 

The Argus

1 December 1860

On Sunday evening last as the mail from Tarcutta to Albury was passing down the Stringy Bark Range, between Messrs. Sheehan and Garry's stable and Mullengandra, in coming down that steep pass one of the horses kicked his leg over the pole, the pole snapped, and the driver (Brooker) having no further control over his steeds, they bolted; he was dragged from his seat for some yards along the road, and only very narrowly escaped with his life.

The passengers, three adults and two children, fortunately escaped without serious injury, with the exception of one of the children, who is somewhat badly bruised.

They were all brought on to Albury the following day.

 Albury Banner, Nov. 28