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New Herford Stud For “Gocup Estate” Tumut     

By Our Special representative.

3 March 1950 The Land

Three and a half miles of river flats on "Gocup" Estate, Tumut, produced 17,000 bales of hay this season, besides providing grazing for a full complement of Hereford vealers and breeding stock.

This magnificent property, some five miles out of Tumut, changed ownership in September of last year, and it is proposed now to establish a Hereford stud there.

"Gocup," whose history goes back to the days of Governor King, is one of the most highly improved properties on the Southern Tablelands. 

Purchased from Mr. L. Rowe last year by Messrs. J. Sedgwick and John Fairfax, it has been converted into a company, and, under the name of Gocup Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd., jointly controlled by the two owners, the Hereford stud will be established. 

Hays Bros. "Bexley" blood, with some females from "Locheil," Barraba, will be used as foundation stock.

While this is being developed, however, the property carries a beautiful line of Hereford cattle and the 1,240 acres can carry a beast to the acre, and carries a thick sward of mixed grasses.

Previous owners have been responsible for the judicious thinning of timbered country and the property, with its undulating hills giving on to the river, and lightly timbered with its native gums, stretches out like a vast park, through which more than 1,000 head of fat cattle move lazily, shaded and sheltered from sun and wind by occasional clumps of oaks, elms, cedars, giant hawthorns and flame trees, some of which have attained tremendous height and girth.

The Tumut River winds picturesquely along its southern boundary and on these flats such is the growth of pastures that several hay cuts a year are made with a mower and baler. This is stored for winter feed and for drought reserves.

 Sire for the Royal

While the Hereford stud is being developed, the property will be used entirely for fattening, only quality stud bulls being used.

Purchases for the new stud include heifers from Bexley and Locheil studs.

The high class Bexley Conqueror, a young bull which will compete at the Sydney Royal this year before being delivered to "Gocup," will be one of the new stud sires.

Though for the past 20 years Mr. Sedgwick's interests have been at Batlow where he owned "Ardrossan," one of the biggest and most successful apple and pear orchards in that district, he is not a stranger to cattle, having been born in the cattle country of Western Queensland.

Mr. Fairfax, who was a member of the firm of John Fairfax and Sons Pty. Ltd., proprietors of the "Sydney Morning Herald," has withdrawn his interests from newspapers and transferred them to the land.

The property contains two homesteads, "Gocup" itself, which is a commodious brick home with every modern convenience and standing in beautifully laid out grounds, occupied by Mr. Sedgwick and his family, and a second homestead, now in course of being renovated, and occupied by Mr. Fairfax and his family.