Small Compact Steamer Built by Mr. Jenkins, at Nangus

22 May 1865The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) 

The small compact steamer which has been built by Mr. Jenkins, at his station, Nangus, on the Murrumbidgee, is now ready to start, as soon as the river rises sufficiently to enable her to start on her career.

It is Mr. Jenkins's present intention to despatch her to Hay with flour and potatoes, as early as can safely be done, as this sort of produce is now fetching a high price, in comparison to rates ruling in this district.

We are informed that potatoes are £25 per ton, which, if true, leaves a liberal margin for profit to those who speculate.

We hope that this little craft will have a long and prosperous career for its owner.

 Such spirited efforts to develop the resources of our district, are deserving of every praise and encouragement, as they will, in the course of time, open up a profitable trade with the Riverine country; and prove a strong competitor with South Australia and Victoria for its custom.

Now the border customs difficulty is settled it is probable that a portion of the revenue derived from this source will be applied to the improving of the navigation of the Murrumbidgee, and enable the country on its banks to send its surplus produce to a good market.

The spirited example set by Mr. Jenkins will, no doubt, in the course of a few years, be extensively followed, when the resources of the fertile country, watered by the Murrumbidgee and its tributaries, becomes more fully known and appreciated.

Gundagai Herald.