Some Early Settlers on the Murrumbidgee

26 July 1906 Evening News (Sydney)

During an address at tie Royal Society's House, Elizabeth-street, on Tuesday night, Mr. J. Gormly, M.L.C., gave an interesting account of the early pioneers of the Murrumbidgee and Murray River districts. In his remarks Mr. Gormly mentioned the names of most of those who first formed stations on the Murrumbidgee.

They included Henry O'Brien, who took up a sta-tion at Jugiong; Frank Taaffe, who settled, at Muttama; Ben* Warby, who settled down opposite the junction of the Tumut, -in 1829; and Peter Stuckey, who formed Willie Ploma, at South Gundagai, the same year; and his brother, Henry, who settled next to him. Further down on the same side of the river came Robert Jen kins at Bangiis, then John Vardy at Gillengrove, with Hillis at Yabtree. Alexander M'Leay at Borambola, William Guise at Gunningdroo, Best, at Wagga Wagga, and Mrs. Bourke at Gumly Gumly.

On the north bank of the river, below Gundagai, the Tompson family first took up a station at Mickey's Corner, near Kimo Hill; this was in 1830; and the same family afterwards took up Oura and Eunonyhareenyah. James and William M'Arthur, of Camden Park, took up Nangus; James Thorn stocked Wantabadgery ; while his brother put cattle an Gobbabumbalin.

Jenkins, of Berrima, took up Tooya], and his sons, John and Frank, settled at Buckingbong and Gillenbah.

Mr. Gormly mentioned many others.

The settlement referred to that took place below Gundagai occurred in 1830-31-32-33.

* This should read William Warby not Ben. This mistake has been perpetuated in many places (including this website).