Southern Road Works

22 February 1865 The Goulburn Herald and Chronicle

The number of men employed in the road department during the past month was about a thousand, including thirty-five officers of the department.

The works on the main, roads have consisted in the completion of contracts for 1864, and the necessary maintenance works on the southern road.

The metalling contracts between Goulburn and Gunning have been pushed on vigorously, and are now nearly finished.

The bridges over Jones's, Barber's, and Bunning Creeks are finished.

Two bridges on the Stuckey's Flats extension are nearly completed, and the third is in progress.

One span of the superstructure of the Gundagai bridge is advised to have been shipped by the Sydney Dacres, which may arrive daily and the second span has been shipped.

The first castings for the cylinders are being made at the Fitzroy mines, and the rock excavation for the southern pier is in a forward state.

Should the weather permit, it is hoped that the three central spans of the bridge will be completed in six months.

A small bridge on the approach to Wagga Wagga bridge is in progress.