Steam Boat to Gundagai

24 September 1858 Bendigo Advertiser (Vic)

Gundagai, 16th September. (From a correspondent. )

The inhabitants of this town were unexpectedly gratified this morning by the arrival of the steamer Albury, Captain Johnson, having Captain Cadell on board.

It is the first time a steamer or any other craft of any size has ever been seen in this neighbourhood. Captain Cadell reports that he experienced little difficulty in ascending the river, but he expects to find more in going down.

I have been favored with the following abstract of his log:-

"Left Lake Alexandria the 12th August, with the barges Wakool, Eureka, and Mitta Mitta in tow. Arrived at Murrumbidgee Junction 27th August; Lachlan Junction, 1st September ; Wagga Wagga, 13th September; Gundagai, l6th September.

"The Albury was 329 hours under steam in accomplishing the voyage, and has discharged at different stations 200 tons of cargo. The Eureka was cast off at the mouth of the Murrumbidgee, and the Mitta Mitta at Rieta and Veika."

The voyage from Lake Alexandria has thus occupied a month, and Captain Cadell estimates that he has steamed about 2000 miles.

The inhabitants of Gundagai have invited Captain Cadell to a dinner to be given this evening, at Morley's Royal Hotel, in appreciation of his enterprise, and in honor of his arrival.

The Albury leaves us again tomorrow morning,

"homeward-bound. Arg'us