Steam Conveyance to Hobart Town

The Sydney Monitor

27 November 1834

We congratulate the Colonies upon the introduction of Steam Conveyance between this and Hobart Town; a splendid Steam Ship of about 500 tons, with two engines of 100 horse-power each, may be shortly expected from England, calculated to carry live stock as well as goods and passengers.

There can be no doubt, that from the increased intercourse which will be thereby produced between the two places, this very spirited undertaking on the part of Mr. J. T. Wilson will be amply remunerated. But the advantage to the two Colonies will be incalculable, as it will equalise the Markets; and the more favoured production of one place will be immediately available to the other; by bringing the Colonies comparatively near together.

The inhabitants of both therefore, may in future be said to be one community.