Steam Navigation in the Mediterranean

The Monitor

7 July 1826

The interest we take in steam navigation induces us to notice the projected voyage of the Superb from the Clyde to Naples. She is to sail very shortly.

A correspondent in the west informs us, that the Superb does not return to this country [England], but is to ply between Naples and Marseilles; and he adds, that in the course of the summer another steam vessel will probably leave Glasgow to ply in the Mediteranean.

The Superb is to touch at Cork, Lisbon, and Gibraltar to take in coals, and will perform the whole voyage by steam if the wind is unfavourable.

The introduction of steam navigation in the Mediterranean will be a great accommodation to travellers, and when its advantages are properly understood, we have no doubt that the passage from London to Alexandria and Constantinople, by steam ships, will be as common as that from Leith to London.