Stock Overland to South Australia

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertise

16 April 1839

Melbourne, owing to the indomitable energy and enterprising spirit of its valued colonist, Mr. Joseph Hawdon, was the first that established the feasibility of supplying the Royal Province of South Australia with stock by an overland route, and thus created an additional market for the advancement of the grazing interests of the colony, from which communication incalculable benefits must flow.

The cause of geographical knowledge in which the whole civilised world is deeply interested, was thus also promoted at the expense of a private Port Philippian, as Mr. Hawdon, traversed a line of country not less than five hundred miles previously unexplored; and next year it is his intention to prosecute his researches still further into the interior of this; vast continent, in order to open a market at Swan River in Western Australia.