Support for Tumut District Millet Growers

24 March 1949 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

At a big meeting of millet growers held at Morpeth recently, the Hunter River millet growers decided to co-operate with the Tumut millet growers and demand 100 a ton for this season's crop of millet. This information has been conveyed to the Tumut growers.

Buyers have been In the Tumut district offering 32/10/ a ton, but no sales have been reported at that price. Inquiries have been received from New Zealand manufacturers for Tumut millet, which indicates that the quality of the local product is known outside Australia. 

Crops Being Cut 

Growers point out that an average of 85 dozen brooms can be obtained from a ton of millet, so that the increase of 20 asked by the growers amounts to approximately 4 per broom - "little or nothing to the manufacturer, but an appreciable increase to the grower.

Several farmers are busy in the Tumut district cutting millet crops and the services of good cutters ere in demand. 

Owing to the dry conditions prevailing in the early part of the growing season, early crops have been a failure, but the late crops are quite satisfactory and some good yields are expected.