Swan River will be Surveyed for a New Colony

5 January 1827 The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 

The Governor has declined visiting Moreton-bay, and the Northern Settlements, for the present; but His Excellency will do so, we understand, so soon as the Success returns from her contemplated trip to Swan River, on our Western Coast, to the Northward of St. George's Land.

Captain Stirling, in proceeding thither with as little delay as possible, is only carrying into effect those instructions with which he was furnished at Home on his departure for this part of the world.

Swan River will be surveyed, and ultimately, we believe, it is the intention of Government to plant another Colony in that interesting quarter of the island.

The service will not be rendered the less complete by having so efficient and active an Officer as Captain Stirling, whose mind is absorbed in the anxious desire of gratifying his Government with, a faithful and promising Report of his labours.

Mr. Frazer, the Colonial Botanist, accompanies the expedition.

Morton Bay was a convict colony established in 1824 and later developed into the city of Brisbane Qld..

The Swan River colony later became the city of Perth WA. Initially it was a private experimental colony without convicts. It failed, and to survive, it later needed an input of free labour in the form of convicts.

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