Sydney to Tumut in Half a Day

10 October 1903 Cootamundra Herald

Opening the Tumut Railway.

Arrangements are being completed for the approaching vice-regal visit to Tumut and other places in the southern portion, of the state.

The party will include the Governor and Lady and Miss Rawson, and staff, as well as Sir William Lyne, Sir John and Lady See, Mr. and Mrs. O Sullivan, Mr. H. Copeland, the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, Colonel and Mrs. Mackay, and others.

The party will leave Sydney at 11 o'clock on Sunday night, arriving in Tumut at 11.35 the next morning.

At noon his Excellency will open the railway from Gundagai to Tumut.

In the afternoon there are to be races, and in the evening a banquet.