The Sydney Morning Herald

10 September 1844

Tallow! Tallow!! Tallow!!!

The Undersigned beg to apprise the Graziers and Stockholders of the Southern Districts, that from their extensive preparations they are enabled to steam down One Thousand Sheep and Fifty Head of Cattle per day, which will prevent the unavoidable delay caused at smaller establishment!

In order to meet the depression of the times the charges will be as follows: Cattle. 7s. each, Sheep. 7d. per head.

The greatest care will be taken in packing the Tallow for exportation, they are determined no packages shall be used that will in any respect injure the quality of the Tallow, or allow leakage, casks will be charged at cost price, warranted sound, and bear the brand of the establishment.

Tallow, Hides, and Sheepskins, purchased of stock slaughtered at their establishment; or for the convenience of Settlers the same will be received in payment at market prices.

Advances in cash if required, will be made on stock sent for boiling down, and to save those who may honour them with their patronage from incidental expenses, buildings have been erected on the ground for the accommodation of the men in charge of stock, where everything will be provided gratuitously.

Settlers will find extensive Sheep and Cattle yards und paddocks for their stock. Benjamin and Moses, Argyle Steam Boiling Establishment, Towrang, Goulburn, September 2.

Five Pounds Reward. Strayed or Stolen, from the station of Francis Taafe, Esq., near (Gundagai, on the 15th August last, a chestnut Horse, in hopples, branded P on off shoulder, small white star in forehead, stands about 16 hands high.

Whoever will give information of him to Mr. Taafe, or Mr. Andrews, Gundagai, will receive a reward of l; or if stolen, a reward of 5 on conviction of the parties.

John Peter. Gundagai, September 2.