Telegraph Station at Tumut

The Sydney Morning Herald

14 February 1861

Mr. C. Cowper, junr., desired to ask the Secretary for Public Works, - Whether the Government have taken, or, if not, whether they intend to take any steps to secure temporary buildings for a telegraph office in Tumut, until the new office is erected.  

Mr. Arnold said that the Government had made such enquiries as it was in their power to make; to enable them to obtain the, use of a building at Tumut as a temporary telegraph office. He might state that the attention of the Government had been called to this matter some time ago by the hon. members himself, and in reply to a letter sent by him, the hon. member bad been requested to suggest some suitable premises that were procurable for the occasion.

To that no answer had been given by the hon. member. The Government had also made enquiries in other ways and quarters; but at the present time nothing could be done, as Mr. Cracknell, the Superintendent of Telegraphs, was absent in the north, and as soon as he returned, the Government would see what was to be done in the matter.