The Albury Mails

Empire, Sydney

13 November 1857

The usual three mails are due from Sydney this morning, two posts being in arrear.

On Saturday the Albury postmaster received a mail belonging to some other township, this mail having been originally despatched in due course from Albury a fort night ago.

Why it should be sent back to its starting point, after a trip of fourteen days down the country there is no evidence to show.

A few days ago the precise date has not reached us - the driver of the down mail, being a new chum, was afraid to venture across the Billybong Creek.

A well known gentleman connected with the squatting interest having pointed out the ford, with the assurance that there was no danger, the mailman at length made an attempt to cross.

When in the middle of the stream he became alarmed and sung out for help.

He was pulled across by the aforesaid bystander, and made a fresh start Sydneywards.

Unfortunately, however, he lost the track, and came to the resolution of planting the mail-bags under a gum tree.

Having thus relieved himself, as he conceived, of all responsibility, be started back again with his horse and arrived safely at Mullengandra.

The mail-bags were found after a two days search, and doubtless the recipients of the detained letters were told that the delay was caused by the atrocious state of the roads. Comment on this would be superfluous.