The Annual Meeting of The Tumut Branch of The A.L.P

13 February 1947 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

The annual meeting of the Tumut branch of the A.L.P. decided to ask Mr. Sheahan, M.L.A., to seek establishment of a maternity and children's wards at the district hospital. he Minister for education (Mr. Heffron) will be asked for a grant to drain and tar the Intermediate High School grounds. 

Mr. Fuller, M.H.R., was requested to meet the P.M.G. Department on the extension of mail delivery throughout D Riding. 

Tumut Shire Council, which decided to number all homes and erect street names in D Riding, will be asked to expedite the work. 

Officers elected were:-

President, Mr. E. W. Holloway:

Vice-presidents, Messrs, A. Sheather, C. Dean, A. H. Manns;

Secretary and treasurer, Mr. A. Fuller;

Returning officer, Mrs. V. Z. Fuller;

Credentials committee, Messrs. A. Sheather, A. H. Manns, A. Costello, J. Elphick, T. Martin; 

Delegates to council meetings, Messrs. A. N. Fuller, A. Sheather, E. W. Holloway, Mrs. V. L. Fuller, A, Costello, W. J. Eccleston, Mrs. Margules, A. H Manns.