The Anti-Chinese League

The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

Tumut News [from the Tumut Times.] November 18.

22 November 1887

A meeting was held at the Tumut Oddfellows' Hall, on Tuesday afternoon, for the purpose of taking steps to organise a local Anti-Chinese League.

Considering that there had been no advertised notice of the meeting, there was a good attendance, about 40 persons being present Alderman R. M. Shelley, J.P., presided, and Mr. M. McNamara was appointed secretary.

The Chairman having briefly stated the object they had in view, Mr. M. H. Simpson proposed, Mr. J. Pearce seconded, and it was carried, that an Anti-Chinese League be formed in Tumut.

It was proposed by Mr. R. Dear, and seconded by Mr. W. Simpson, that his Worship the Mayor be asked to convene and preside at a public meeting to be held on Tuesday evening, the 22nd instant.

After some discussion the motion, by consent, was withdrawn, when it was moved by Mr. M. H. Simpson, and seconded by Mr. Dear, that the meeting as previously proposed be held on Monday evening next.

On this Alderman J. Blakeney, with a view to give more publicity to the matter, made an amendment, which was seconded by Mr. D. J. Emery, that the meeting take place on Thursday, the 24th instant.

The motion was carried, consequently a public mooting has been convened by the Mayor for Monday evening next, 21st instant at the Oddfellows' Hall.

On the motion of Alderman Blakeney, seconded by Mr. W. Simpson, the following persons were appointed a sub-committee, with power to add to their number, for the purpose of preparing resolutions, etc., viz., Messrs C. S. Byrne, R. M. Shelley, M. McNamara, M. H. Simpson, R. Dear, H. W. Hoad, R. H. Newman, E. Caspersonn, R. McKay, E. Perkins, G. Clout, M. Kenneally, C. Long and the mover.

A requisition to the Mayor to call the proposed meeting was then signed by most of the persons present.