The Dead at Gundagai

The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser

31 July 1852

The following list of persons who perished in the recent flood at Gundagai, has been supplied by the Rev. Mr. Brigstooke:-

o   Hannah Sophia Lindley, publican's wife, George Lindley, Emma Lindley, Thomas Lindley, Anna Sophia Lindley;

o   Daniel Morrissy, stonemason;

o   William Walker, labourer:

o   John Macnamara, labourer;

o   Catherine Thatcher, married, Honora Thatcher, married, Mary Ann Thatcher, John Frederick Thatcher, Alfred Thatcher, William Thatcher, Geo. Thatcher, Louisa Thatcher;

o   Allan M'Kenna, schoolmaster, Elizabeth M'Kenna, his wife, Joseph M'Kenna, John M'Kenna, Martha M'Kenna, William M'Kenna, Justus M'Kenna;

o   Richard Hunt, Sarah Hunt, his wife, Emily Hunt, Richard Hunt, Caroline Hunt, John Hunt;

o   Anne Farrell, servant at Lindley's; Mary Ann Smart, ditto;

o   Ann Connolly, married;

o   James Flynn, Ellen Flynn;

o   John Scott, butcher, Mary Ann Scott, his wife;

o   William Luff, squatter; Gerald Hemphill; publican, Ann Hemphill, his wife, Jane Hemphill, Rebecca Hemphill, James Hemphill, Ann Hemphill;

o   James Saxenby, watchmaker, from Braidwood;

o   Patrick Gormly, labourer, Mary Gormly, his wife, Jeremiah Gormly, Patrick Gormly, Sarah Gormly;

o   Mary Scott, married, Henry Scott, her infant;

o   John Morris, horsebreaker, John Morris, junior, David Morris;

o   John Williams, labourer;

o   John Perston, from Bathurst, gent,;

o   a shepherd, name unknown (old and lame);

o   James Minahan, puntman;

o   John Sacks, storekeeper, a German;

o   George Ross, Mary Ann Ross, William Ross;

o   Mary Ann Doyle, Charles Edward Doyle, Robert Thomas Doyle;

o   John M'Kinnon, labourer;

o   William Eggerton, tailor, Catherine Eggerton, his wife;

o   Mary Brennan,

o   Julia Brett,

o   John Haslem,

o   Henry Castleton,

o   John Perkins, labourer, from Goulburn;

  • Sarah Butler, married; Emily Jane Butler.

Gundagai.-" Wonderful are the ways of Providence." Amidst the awful visitation by which so many lives have been swept into eternity, it is consoling to hear that many of them had received the "Bread of Life" on the previous Sunday.

The Rev. Mr. Magennis, the worthy pastor of Yass, writes as follows:-

"I cannot describe the awful destruction of life and property in this district. Thank God the greater number of Catholics who perished in the flood at Gundagai received the Holy Communion on the previous Sunday. I was at the Tumut and Gundagai districts during the awful scene, and I shall never forget the tragedy."

We are happy to find that liberal subscriptions are being made throughout the Colony for those who suffered by the recent floods.

Collections will be made in the Catholic Churches of' the city on next Sunday, and in the other churches through the country on such Sundays as shall appear best calculated to promote this most charitable object.

Freeman's Journal.