The First Settler at Canberra

The Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine

21 March 1927

The only Descendants of Lieut. J. J. Moore.

In this issue we reproduce photos of the Misses Moore, granddaughters of Canberra's first settler, as recorded historically in early issues of The Pioneer by Mr. Henry Selkirk, F.R.A.H.S.

These ladies are the only living descendants bearing the historic name of Moore.

Another historic link is that their mother was a sister of Hamilton Hume, the explorer - another link with Canberra, because the explorers Hamilton Hume and Captain Hovell were close to Limestone Plains as Canberra was called in 1824.

The Misses Moore were born in N.S.W.; their father, Fredk. T. Moore, owned a station in the Riverina, and finally settled in Victoria, where his daughters now reside.