The Governor Alone Is Responsible

The Australian

1 March 1845

The organ of the Opposition has also attacked the Gundagai decision in the same evil spirit as he has the newly regulated Wharfage Tax.

But the Squatters are out here of the scrape. The Governor alone is responsible.

We think his Excellency has come to a wrong decision.

The settlers bought land at the town price, on the security and science of the Government.

Mr. Perry's arguments do not affect the question.

The buyers bought on the faith of the Government.

The latter have changed the site virtually.

If they have not, they ought to do it. The Governor, when applied to by the buyers, took a wrong view, or his advisers for him.

Everybody knows how he is harrassed, and a hasty judgment in a small matter is excusable; it therefore becomes His Excellency to despise the finger of scorn, to revise his decision, and to give the petitioners allotments on the new and dry site in exchange.

He who perseveres in a wrong judgment, may merit to be pointed at; but never he who rectifies a hasty judgment, and who, though evil report and good report, cleaves to that which is right.

We do think that the loss of their huts and garden fences is almost too much for the present inhabitants to suffer.

Certainly, it is quite enough, without paying for new allotments.