The Hume Testimonial

The Argus

9 April 1858

It will be gratifying to the numerous subscribers to the Hume testimonial to know that a very handsome piece of sculpture has been landed here from Melbourne, through the house of Mesrs. Kidd and Brickell, on whose premises it remains until the committee have taken steps for its erection on the proposed site.

The testimonial is in the form of a very handsome marble column.

A block of granite forms the base, on which stands a square block of pure white marble, ornamented at the corners with inverted torches, and on one side of which is carved an open scroll with the following inscription:-

This monument was erected by the inhabitants of the Hume River in honor of Hamilton Hume, Esq., to commemorate his discovery of this river on the 17th November. 1824.

"Beneath the scroll is carved a wreath of oak and myrtle.

Resting on the block is an entablature, from which rises a beautifully veined shaft of marble, surmounted by an urn, which forms a very nice finish to the column.

It is intended, we believe, to erect it shortly on the Recreation Reserve, and to rail it, in with cast-iron railings imported with the monument.

It is at once a noble testimony to the intrepidity and energy of the explorer of Australia, an honor to those who have so readily come forward to recognise Mr. Hume's merits, and will not only be an ornament to the town, but will serve to mark out to the traveller, how short a time has sufficed us to turn the desert info a populous town.

Albury Telegraph.