The Lady McNaughton Letters

The Sydney Monitor

19 April 1837

1. To the Editor of the Sydney Monitor. Sir,

 I am requested by the emigrants from on board the Lady M'Naughton, to beg that you will give insertion to the annexed vote of thanks to the Colonial Secretary. I am, Sir, Your obedient servant, Jeremiah Ledsam

2. To The Honourable The Colononial   Secretary.

Through the tender mercies of our God, we were privileged to witness our ship, the Lady McNaughton, enter the Heads of Port Jackson, and cast anchor on Sunday 26th February; and though the remembrance of the afflictive season we witnessed, in consequence of the effects of the disease which was permitted to prove so fatal to many of our company, is not, neither can be, erased from our memory; yet, our judgments were mingled with mercies, when we saw a deep and lively interest for our comfort, and for our restoration to health so anxiously evinced by you.

The experience of these last seven weeks, while under quarantine at Spring Cove, developed in lively characters the spirit of philanthropy which actuated your honourable mind.

Our wants were promptly and abundantly supplied, and we should ever reproach ourselves if we hesitated to deny you the expression of the grateful emotion of our hearts.

With one consent we pray for the long continuance of your valuable life; and that every blessing of the present time may, by the God of Providence, be imparted to you.

(Signed) Jeremiah Ledsam, Peter M'Swiney, Distiller. Alexander Aberdeen, Daniel Kennedy, Cornelius Sheehan, G. T. Daunt, Archilles Daun't . John Logan; Senior, William Logan, Thomas Logan, John Logan, John Duros, Thomas Lovett.

3. Sydney, April 7th, 1837.

We, the Emigrants, by ship Lady McNaughton, now in quarantine at Spring Cove - anticipating our immediate release, having been, by a wise and unerring Providence, the subjects of peculiar and painful visitations since our departure from our fatherland - most respectfully desire to express our unanimous, sincere, and grateful thanks to the Surgeon-Superintendent of Quarantine, Dr. Inches, R.N., for the success attending, under the Divine blessing, his skill and unremitting   attention to us, while under his care; conceiving it would be a dereliction of duty if we did not make this public acknowledgment of our heartfelt thanks to this eminent and distinguished gentleman.

(Signed) -Jeremia Ledsam, Peter M'Swiney, distiller, Thomas Lovett, Kingamill Gillinan; Henry Downey, Cornelius Sheehan, James O'Connell, Edward Mullins, George Thos. Daunt, Matthew Galbraith, John Duros, Achilles Daunt, William Wilson, Alexander Aberdeen, Farysher Aberdeen, Thos. Lineham, John Callison. Spring Cove, Port Jackson,   April 13, 1837

4. On the arrival of the emigrants by the ship Lady M'Naughton, we were by an Act of Council, in Consequence of disease, appointed to Spring Cove to undergo quarantine, and on our landing there, Henry Bingham, Esq., (cabin passenger), tendered his services in carrying into effect the wishes of the Surgeon-Superintendent, Doctor Ipches, in the distribution of the supplies ordered us (by a Government, of which we are proud to be subjects), and having impartially discharged the duties he gratuitously and voluntarily undertook, and considering also the happy results of his judicious counsels, we cannot, without doing violence to our feelings, decline presenting him with our best thanks, and our warmest wishes for his future welfare in this the land of his intended adoption.

(Signed) - Jeremiah Ledsam, Peter M'Swiney, Distiller, Thomas Lovett, Kingsmill, Giltinan, Henry Downey, Cornelius Sheehan, James O'Connell, George Thos. Daunt, Matthew Galbraith, John Duros, Achilles Daunt, William Wilson Alexander Aberdeen, Faryaker Aberdeen, Thomas Lineham, John Callisan. Spring Cove, Port Jackson, ApriI 13, 1857