The Late Mr. Henry Angel

Australian Town and Country Journal

28 January 1882

The Late Mr. Henry Angel.

In this issue we present a portrait of an old and worthy colonist, recently deceased, Mr. Henry Angel, who died at the extreme age of 91 years.

The deceased gentleman was one of the oldest colonists of New South Wales, having come out to this colony, more than 60 years ago.

He was one, of those who accompanied; the late Mr. Hamilton Hume, and Captain Hovell, in their well-known exploring expedition to Victoria in the year 1824. He also connected himself with other exploring parties, and was one of the first that traversed the Darling River; in fact he has been in many instances a thorough colonist, attaching himself to many objects of interest to New South Wales.

He was one of the first squatters who settled down on the lower Murrumbidgee, where he encountered many dangers with the blacks, who were very troublesome in that part of, the colony in those early days.

He afterwards settled down at his residence, Spring Vale, Wagga Wagga, where he passed the last few years of his life.

He leaves a widow, six sons and two daughters.