The Late Mr. Herb. James

29 November 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

The funeral of the late Mr. Herb James took place on Tuesday after- noon last leaving from All Saints' Church of England for the Tumut New Cemetery.

Rev. S. Broadfoot officiated at the graveside and W. W. Beavan and Son had charge of the funeral arrangements.

Pall-bearers were Messrs. Jack and Ted Masters, Jack Hargreaves, Lou Murray, Keith Dodd and Dave Herron. 

Floral tributes were received from:- Loving Wife Ettie; Helen; John and Robbie; Robyn; Myra; Gena and Jack; Monte, Una & Raymond Carr; Mr. and Mrs. D. Herron and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Munt; Staff E. A. Bourne Ltd.; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Graham and family; Ted, Ethel and family; Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Nicholls and family; Marge & Merle; George, Ted and Nance; Rupe and Ruby Masters and Neil Cochran; Mr. and Mrs. Yan and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnson and family; Edie and Herb Cramp ton and family; Charles and Jean O'Brien; Mr. and Mrs. Cruise, Pat and Marie; Ted Quirk and Joan; Tumut Town Band; Dick and Ruby McAlister and family; Mrs. E. Jenkins and family; Issie and Jack; Mrs. A. Wilkie Watson and family; Cis and Charles Guy; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Chave; Mr. and Mrs. A. Cameron and family; Percy, Josie and Tony Murray; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mary and Mick Barbour and Ian; Mick, Thelma, Keith and Lorna; Loyal Tumut Lodge: Mr. And Mrs. G. Newman; Frank Connors and family; Bert and Jessie Kitto & family; Ted, Gwen and family; Flo, Maggie and Edie; Mr. and Mrs. G. Pearce and Zona; Connie, Billie, Gerald and Neil; Nell, Lou and family; Nell and Brick; Jack, Dot and Noel; Margaret and Rowley McAlister and family; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bates and Marge; Mr. and Mrs. G. Williamson; John, Con, David and Geoffrey; Peter Kemp and family; Colin and Ina; Mr. and Mrs. F. Sutton and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Emery, Mona, Peter and Lorna Crampton; Charlie Hewitt, Bertha and the girls; Fred Brumby, Gwen & family; Mrs. Neddrie; Dick and Annie Sturt; W.Connors and family; Mr. and Mrs. J Bruce; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. McAlister; Jack, Daph, Beverley, Robert and Judith; Mrs. L. Edwards; Mrs. Townsend, Gwen and Lou Woolnough and family; Mr. and Mrs. Stan Bassman, Sylvia and Muriel; Lou, Muriel and family; S. and E. Carr; Roy and Merle McGrath; Mrs. D. McGrath; Milly, Harry and Vera.