The People of Gundagai Donít Wish to Move

The Australian

27 March 1845

Gundagai - New Version.

Sir, - much has been sung and said of the poor Gundagaians, indeed, so much that the subject is likely to become as great a bore as the flood of last winter.

Sir George has been attacked (justly or unjustly I do not now wish to judge,) my only object being to set you, as well as many others, right, on a few points.

You will be surprised to hear that the people of Gundagai do not wish to remove from their present premises, and consider their removal would be an injury and injustice to them.

I speak of those who are located on the Sydney side of the river, and, I think, are the only parties who have purchased allotments.

Their only wish is, to have the part of the town situated on rising ground, surveyed into allotments (it is, already, laid out in streets,) that they might purchase land there, in addition to what they already possess, in order that they may have places to retire to, in the event of another flood.

The expense of this survey, is the only obstacle to the sanction of the Governor. The proposal to remove the site of the township, was made without any reference to the parties most interested, and entirely without their concurrence.

It would, no doubt, add to the prosperity of certain parties on the opposite side of the river; but the public generally cannot forget some of the scenes of the last flood at Gundagai, and would never cease to regret an injury done to the "good men and true" on one side, the only object of which, is to forward the views of the sordid and vicious of the other.

These are facts, I have myself heard, from the parties concerned.

I remain, Sir, Your obedient servant, Rectifier.

P. S. - I am no Gundagaian, and consequently uninterested. 14th March, 1845.