The Sheahan Seventh Column

14 December 1943 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Unperturbed by any prospect of not being returned for the Yass seat at next year's State Parliament elections is Labor Member William F. Sheahan (says a Sydney paper).

 In the electorate he has brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, a multitude of cousins in some degree.

 They add up to what Sheahan calls his 'Seventh Column' of supporters, nearly 2000 strong (about one-seventh of the 14,304 voters last election).

Sitting member Sheahan, Tumut-born, is one of a family of 11; his mother was one of 15.

Grandfather Sheahan, who settled in. the district in 1844, drove the Royal mail coach from Albury to Tumut before he sold out to Cobb & Co. and turned publican, at Jugiong - founded the 'Sheahan Column'.