The Snowy River Diggings

The Sydney Morning Herald

10 February 1860


I think the extract of a letter from Mr. Rees Jones, concerning the gold-field at Snowy River, worthy of your attention.

I beg therefore to hand you the same.

Yours truly, John Godfrey Cohen. Sydney, February 9.

"Yass, February 7th, 1860. In reference to the gold-field at Gibson's Plains, we are about clearing a road from Yass, which can be travelled with a dray with a ton and a-half load, in ninety miles.

The road is now practicable within thirty miles of the diggings, to a place called Brindebella, from thence to Gibson's Plains is thirty miles.

When this is accomplished this will be the easiest route to reach the gold-fields from any town.

I have just seen two persons who left there on Friday last; their information I can depend on.

There are from 1000 to 1500 people there, and increasing daily in numbers. Hitherto, they have been working the river sand; a great number have now begun to work out the sides of the hills.

The sinking is about five feet, and the result is about one and a-half ounce per day to each party of three, then they have hitherto only the dishes.

I may tell you the gentleman that left there last Friday tells me it is a more promising looking field than any he has seen on the Victoria side.

I have no doubt this field will extend to Bundebella, Coolooman, Mullgon Forest, and the Breaks of the Murrumbidgee, near Yass.

Next week I will be enabled to give you full particulars of the new road. I expect the survey to be completed by Tuesday next."