The Tumut Fire Insurance Claims

12 July 1902 Wagga Wagga Express

On Tuesday three representatives arrived at Tumut from Sydney on behalf of the Atlas, London, Liverpool, and Globe, and United insurance companies, to investigate the Wynyard-street fire, which occurred on the 4th inst.

Frederick Kinred, owner of the Federal Coach Factory, estimates his loss at 500. His stock-in-trade was insured for 200, and the smithy alongside, damaged by fire and water, was insured for 50, and public vehicles for 100, in the Atlas Company. 

John E. Bridle's factory premises were insured in the London, Liverpool, and Globe for 100. He values his loss at 120.

Thomas Carr, the owner of the saddlery, was insured, his Stock for 80 and working plant for 20, in the Atlas Company. He values his loss at 140.

Charles Carr, owner of the saddlery premises, was insured in the New Zealand office for 40.