The Tumut Fire Wilfully Set

1 August 1903 Evening News (Sydney)

Tumut, Saturday

The inquest with regard to the origin of the fire, which destroyed Casperson's Terrace, in the main street, on Tuesday, was concluded at the Courthouse yesterday afternoon before the Coroner (Mr. W. J. Shelly) and a jury of 12.

A verdict was returned that the buildings were wilfully set on fire by some person or persons unknown. 

The Misses Kiley (dressmakers) were sleeping on the premises at the time of the outbreak. 

Re-building is to be commenced at once.

Additional insurance:- Mr. Hassall (dentist), 250, Commercial Union Company;

Casperson's buildings, 1300, London and Liverpool and Glebe Company; 

Mr. Eggins (draper), whose premises adjoin, estimates his loss through damage by water at over 300. 

The total loss is estimated at 2500.