The Tumut Railway

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express

17 February 1899

The great objection to the construction of the railway from Gundagai to Tumut, Mr. Young thinks, is than an expensive bridge, a work that would cost, quite 100,000, would be required over the Murrumbidgee immediately outside Gundagai.

Such an expenditure on a line of 24 miles in length would be a serious addition to the capital cost. Had it not been for this bridge the railway, he says, might have been constructed years ago.

A suggestion has been made to the Minister that the present road bridge might be utilised to convey trucks and passenger carriages into Gundagai by some of the tramway motors that will not be required in Sydney when the electric conversion scheme is carried out.

By taking over only a limited number of trucks at a time the bridge might be found ample for all requirements. Mr. Young has promised to give consideration to the proposal. He is doubtful yet whether the bridge would be found wide enough for both railway - and road traffic.

Before arriving at a decision he will obtain reports from his professional advisers in the department.