Transfer of Murrumbidgee Runs

The Sydney Morning Herald

15 July 1851

Crown Lands' Office, Sydney, July I, 1851.- It is hereby notified for general Information, that the interest of the previous occupants in the undermentioned runs of Crown Lands has been transferred, with the sanction of the Government to the persons hereinafter particularised, in accordance with the regulations of 1st January, 1848, namely :-


Anderson and Duffy, Gonyack, to James Duffy;

Atkin and Broughton, Bundulumlo, Cockitjedong, Noweronie, to W. H. Broughton and J. D. Atkin;

Thomas Barker, Nap Nap, to John Reeve;

Robert Beauchamp, Cobran, to Edward James Hogg; J. A Broughton. Mundongudgee, to J. A. and R. K. Broughton;

William Sprott Boyd, Toppal Creek south, to Alexander Campbell; Arthur Bloxham, Tarro, to William Furlonge;

Samuel Browning, Deniliquin, Poon Boon (or Westmeath), Nyang (or Chowar), [..]ooruna, to Alexander Campbell;

John Buckland, Billybong, to Robert Campbell and Co.;

Robert Burke Wallendule, to Owen Macdonald;

Charles Bury, Yambena, to Charles Hall;

Edward Cantor, Grubbin, to Jeremiah Brice Rundle;

Thomas Chapman, Brocklesby, to Andrew Hamilton Hume;

Chapman and Huon, Butherwah, to Taber. Huon, and Chapman;

John and A. Church, Toogimbie, to Strachan and Gabbett;

Andrew Cunningham, Congewarrah, to Mort and Brown;

George Davis, junior, Jeremiah, to James Murdoch;

Patrick Dwyer, Gilmore Creek, to F. West;

Evans and Shepherd, Uratta, to A. P. Onslow;

Grant and Trevelyan, Khancoban, to Edward M'Kenny;

Richard Heaver, Rosebank, to Mara and Downing;

Hennessey and Lester, Balubla, to Patrick Hennessey;

William and Matthew Hervey, Indi, to Strachan and Gabbett;

Hill and Crichton, Walla Walla, Round Hill, and Columba Creek, to John Sherwin;

Edward James Begg, Thule, to Septimus Lord Curlewis;

Messrs. E. and W. How, Long Point, to Henry Osborne;

Huon and Drummond, Coreen, to David Reid;

Huon and Drummond, Burrangong, to Browne and Clarke;

Huon and Lester, Belubla, to P. Hennessey and William Lester;

Henry Jeffreys, Dora Dore, to James Wilson;

Robert Johnston, Adilong, to Messrs D. and R. Johnston;

Estate of Charles Lewis, Weejasper, to Walter Beames;

William Norman Llewellin, Mannus, to Henry Burchett;

Love and Musgrave, Munderoo, to Musgrave and Hannan;

Mackenzie and Wylde, Woomargama, to John Dickson;

Charles M'Arthur, Ellerslie, to Phillips and Graves;

Edward Morris, Gilmore, to Archer and Broughton;

A. and G. M'Leay, Pullitop, to John Gordon;

Charles Manton, Giaour, to Bell and Wilson;

George Mathew, South Goonambill, to Charles Hume Barber;

Charles and John Moore, Conblondonce, to John Moore;

Charles Nicholson, Bonongle, to Phelps and Chadwick; Henry Osborne, Tootal, to Archibald Irvine;

John S. Paterson, Goombargama, to Thomas Simmons, senior;

Paterson and Foote, Wangamong Plains, to Thomas S. Bear;

Paterson and Denny Pattison, Morago and Tumudgerie (south of Edward River), to Pattison and Denny;

Pattison and Denny, Carranboon, to William Pattison;

J. W. Peppers, Bundure, to William Pattison;

Rand and M'Dowell, Mowanga, to Robert Rand;

John Sherwin, Round Hill, to J. and F. Roberts;

Strachan and Gabbett, Tarcutta, to John and Alfred Church;

David Taylor, Carabost, to Mort and Brown;

John Tooth. Mungadingadelle, to Messrs. Lang, Brothers;

John Tooth, Tarabandra and Bandenderra, to James M'Evoy;

Unett and Pinkerton, Moorongatta, to James Gibbon;

Unett and Pinkerton, Gorm, to Anderson and Glass;

F. W. Vyner, Yarara Creek, to Thomas Ford;

J. Gabbett Webb, Bogaledgera, to Sydney G. Watson.