Tumut - Canberra Road

21 November 1945 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

Tumut Shire Council has resolved on further action to strengthen its hand in its agitation for the construction of the Tumut - Canberra road, it has now been ascertained that the section of territory, embraced in the petition recently presented to council by residents between Tumut and Goodradigbee River for their transfer from the Yarralumla Shire to the Tumut Shire did not extend to the Federal Capital boundary.

At its last meeting council resolved to apply for the transfer to Tumut Shire the whole section of the Yarralumla Shire bordering the Tumut Shire boundary. If this move is successful it will bring the whole section of the proposed Tumut - Canberra road within Tumut Shire territory.

Councillors are to consider making a trip through the locality referred to in the near future.