Tumut-Canberra Road Open To Traffic

9 April 1952  Cootamundra Herald

As the result of representations made by Mr. Harry Goslett of Micalong, the Yarralumla Shire Council has graded the road linking Canberra and Tumut, via Brindabella, as far as Big Sandy Creek at Argalong at the Canberra end, and Tumut residents are now able to travel over a good trafficable road right to Canberra. 

The road is not a speedway, but all gutters in the surface of the old track have been levelled, and the good surface should remain while the weather lasts.

Anyone wishing to try the road - and this short-cut to Canberra - is recommended to make the trip now.

The Goodradigbee river at Brindabella is low and crossable, members of the Franklin family having recently made the trip to Tumut by car.

Arrangements were made whereby four miles of the road in Tumut territory we're graded by the Yarralumla Council, whilst the big grader of the latter Council was in the vicinity. 

Once the road becomes regularly used by the general public, it will be a major aspect in any Government assistance towards the improvement of this link between Tumut and the Federal Capital.