Tumut - A place whose name's a jest!  

24 September 1903 The Argus (Melbourne, Vic)

The London "Truth" of August 20 thus versifies on the proposal to make Tumut the federal capital:


Oh, experts! What is this you're at?

Tumut? No! anything but that!     

How can a state be ever famed

That has a capital thus named?  

How can it gain Ambition's summit      

By means of laws proclaimed at Tumut! 

Dignity, in such matters vital,

Disowns so commonplace a title:

Sentiment sneers with ostentation

At such a queer denomination: 

Fitness and euphony agree

That Tumut should not, must not be! 

So, experts, let us pray of you,   

Your city searching to renew,

Nor with State attributes invest

A place whose name's a jest!