Tumut Boys' Club  

27 September 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

(To the Editor)

Sir, I wish to draw the attention of the general public to the Tumut Boys' Club.

This club was formed twelve months ago and after a straggling start, due to lack of a club room, has now blossomed into the real thing.

The club now has a membership of 87 boys of which 65 are between the ages of nine and fifteen.

The club has a good band of voluntary instructors which are being added to as their talents are being unearthed.

At present the subjects taught at the club are as follows: - parallel bar, vaulting horse and medicine ball exercises skipping, boxing and physical culture. 

Other subjects which we now have instructors are tumbling and pyramid building.

The crying need of the club is a large club room, we have tried hard to locate a place, but there is nothing available.

We are determined to build our own clubroom but the room is needed now, not in some years time.

As you well know, boys of the age of the age of the club members have no means of their own, and do not have any opportunity to earn money.

The club committee is trying hard to raise money by running functions, but we can never raise enough, quick enough, to make this club room an immediate reality.

So now an appeal is made to you to subscribe toward the club room fund.

The committee are trying hard to give the lads the same opportunities as boys in all large towns in N.S.W. have.

Think back to your own boyhood days. Did you have anything like this club? I did not, and I think most of you did not.

It is a great sight to see these youngsters making their bodies healthier while enjoying them- selves.

Don't say to yourselves, "They are other peoples children and no concern of mine."

Help the club to make a big happy band of young sportsmen of the lads of Tumut. 

Don't wait to be asked, send in your donation now.

I am, etc., Noel Crampton, Hon. Sec. Tumut Boys' Club.