Tumut Contract to Provide New Road  

5 July 1954 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

The letting by the Forestry Commission of N.S.W. of an 84,000 forest road contract in the Tumut district was announced today by the Minister for Conservation (Mr. A. Enticknap).

The Minister said this road project is the second basic step in a long range plan which will result in the Tumut region becoming one of the most Important timber producing centres of N.S.W. 

The successful tenderers are, W. A. Winnett and Sons of Holbrook, who will make an early start on work. Mr. Enticknap said the road will be known as the Bowbowlee Creek Road, and would facilitate extractions of Monterey pine timber from the Commissioner's plantations, in particular from Billapaloola State Forest.

The contact calls for the construction of seven and a half miles of high standard road, which will reduce present road haulage by nine miles. 

It will permit of adequate log supplies being maintained to the new Tumut softwood mill under all weather conditions, thus avoiding delay between felling and milling which can result In deterioration of timber. 

The Minister said the present road project involves three sections. 

* Four Miles of shire road to be Improved and reconstructed where necessary.

* Two reinforced concrete bridges 80 feet long (separate tenders to be called for soon). 

* About seven and a half miles of new forest road. 

The Minister said the Commission also intends to construct a further seven miles of road, to be known as Billapaloola Forest Road to class A standard to serve the Red Hill end Wee Jasper plantations, and to link with the Bombowlee Road. 

This road will later be extended to connect existing and proposed plantation areas with the town of Tumut. When planting is completed, the total area will amount to nearly 36,000 acres, yielding 83 million super feet of soft wood logs per year. 

This will assist the continuity of supply of softwood timbers for building and for primary and secondary industries in the region, the Minister concluded.