Tumut Jottings

25 January 1935 Albury Banner and Wodonga Express

Mr. Berry, headmaster of Tumut Intermediate High School, has received notice of transfer to Glenmore-road school, Paddington, and leaves Tumut on Tuesday next.

Mr. W. Hill, from West Wyalong, and formerly of Adelong District School, succeeds Mr. Berry. 

In the list of students in the Hawkesbury Agricultural College who wore successful in recent examinations is the name of Mr. Gordon Stacy, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Stacy, of "Camelot" Tumut Plains.

Mr. Stacy secured honors in class 2, the order of merit giving him third place in the class. 

Whilst Mr. and Mrs. T. O'Brien were on their way home to Gilmore from tho Gundagai races, about 9.45, they noticed a person lying on the Gilmore roadside at the concrete culvert near Mr. Piper's residence.

On investigation they found Mr. Robert Dean (19), son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dean, of Tumut.

He was unconscious and his head and face were covered with blood from two wounds on the head. A bicycle was nearby.

Mr. O'Brien brought Mr. Dean into the District Hospital, where an examination by Dr. Thompson revealed extensive injuries.

It was Mr. Dean's custom to train on the Gilmore road each evening for bicycle racing.

By his appearance the accident happened a couple of hours before the led was found.

No particulars as to how the spill occurred are to hand, the patient   having no recollection of what took place.                 

The first annual meeting of Tumut Unemployed Association was held on Tuesday last.

The financial statement.  showed receipts to be:- Membership fees, 1/1/3; sale of cow, given by Mr. Bassett, 4; social and dance, 34 11/7; raffle of sheep, 2/17/6; proceeds of social, 19/13/6; Mr. Pratt, 2; Brungle social, 7/15/2. Total, 72/5/6.

The following officers were elected:- Patron, Mr. H. Godfrey; president, Mr. W. Sturt; vice president, Mr. F. E. Arnoult; secretary, Mr. Les. Hogan; treasurer, M. J. Henricks; committee, Messrs. F. Sutton, G. Wellington, J. Elphick, M. Sturt, A. Melrose, B. Piper, F. Piper;   trustees, Messrs. F. Arnoult and W. Sturt; auditors, Messrs. H. M'Donald   and H. Mount.

In the Half-Holiday cricket competition the Russell-street team, 79, defeated the Diggers, 75. Bakers'. Store team secured 113 in the match against Tumut High School, the latter scoring 103 for three wickets when the innings was declared closed.

In the A division of Tumut Cricket Association competition Kunama defeated Batlow, Adelong defeated Yaven Creek, Gilmore and Tumut Plains drew, and Billiard-room A team (Tumut) defeated Gocup on the first innings.

In the B division Sandy Gully defeated Grahamstown on the first innings, Whitings defeated Blowering on first innings, Ten-Stonors (Tumut) and Lacmalac played a drawn game, and the Billiard-room B team (Tumut) players defeated Wyangle on the first   innings.

Barbara Annie Trotter was successful in passing the leaving certificate examination, securing 1b, 2b, 3b,, 5b,   6b, 8b (English, Latin, French; mathematics 1, mathematics 2 and modern history).

She is a pupil at Tumut Intermediate High School. 

Miss D. Mylrea, who has been teaching at Tumut school for some years, has been removed to Albury school. 

During the quarter ending. 31st December the statistics for Tumut were:- Births, 38; deaths, 9; marriages, 9.

The totals for the year 1934 are:- Births, 122; deaths, 54; marriages, 3.6.

There were 136 claims for family endowment, 57 for old-age pensions, and six for widow's pension. 

Prices realised at the opening sale for 1935 conducted by Dalgety and Co. Ltd. and Allan J. Downing.

Fats: Prime steers, 6/8/ to 6/11/; heifers, 4/17/ to 5/2/; cows and heifers, 3 8/ to 4; heifers, 2/19/; Jersey heifers, 2/12/ to 3/3/; steers, 4/7/ to 5; Stores: Three-year-old steers, to 5/14/; shorthorn heifers, 18 moths; to 2 yrs., 1/12/; Jersey heifer poddies, to 23/; black poll bull, 3/17/6. 

During 1934 rain fell at Tumut on 114 days, the total for the year being 43.01 inches. 763 points were registered in October, 697 in January, 647 in. November, and 534 in August. May was the only rainless month. 

Tumut bowlers defeated Gundagai in a pennant match, scores being: Gundagai, 14, 23, 20 - 57; Tumut, 38, 17, 24 - 79

Tumut Tourist League was notified by the Shire Council that the breaking of the river bank at Spicer's flat would cost about 450. The chairman, it was decided, should accompany the shire engineer to the spot, and see what can be done.

A deputation from the shire will soon visit Canberra to interview the Federal authorities regarding the road to Canberra. The Canberra Chamber of Commerce is to be asked to co-operate with Tumut. The president of the Tourist League is to be included in the deputation, if possible

Mr. Berry tendered his resignation, on account of, being transferred to the city.