Tumut Jottings

29 April 1879 The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

A meeting of persons interested in the open- ling of a skating rink was hold at Mr. N. Emanuel's office the other evening; Mr. E. G.  Brown presided.

There was a good attendance, and the necessary preliminary arrangements for forming a rink club were entered into.

Mr. D. Marks accepted the office of hon. secretary.

The first rinking is to take place on the 1st May, at the Oddfollows' Hall.

The room is well adapted for the purpose, indeed lovers of this exhilarating pastime could not desire a better. 

A large flock of sheep, the property of Mr. J. Jenkins, passed through town on Wednesday afternoon.

The highways here are excessively dusty, and why the person in charge of these sheep drove them at a hand-gallop through our main street it is difficult to say.

Even if no other route could be taken, it would be still questionable whether, at such an hour of the day, one individual should be allowed to perpetrate an act which to so many of our residents, storekeepers and others, is an intolerable nuisance; but there is really no necessity, and consequently no excuse, for travelling sheep through our main streets.

It would be well for the future, when the like occurs, if our guardians of the peace interposed with a remedy. 

Mr. Thomas Boyd, sen., who resides at the Gilmore, is well known to be the last survivor of Messrs. Hume and Hovell's exploring party. 

He is a hale old man of 86 years, and still able to follow the plough.

He was greatly trusted by the explorers, and rendered them good service.

Indeed, the success of one trip maybe attributed to the influence Boyd possessed over his chiefs, for on one memorable occasion when serious differences had arisen, Boyd's tact and shrewdness overcame the difficulty.

Some years ago Mr. Boyd was one of the largest owners of horse stock in this district, but since then, though through no blame to him, he has met misfortunes.

Certain of our residents suggest that Boyd is a fitting subject for a small Government pension, to smooth his declining days.