Tumut Jottings

2 November 1900 Albury Banner and Wodonga Express

(From our own correspondent.)

Since last writing we have welcomed home our energetic and successful member, after his victory in securing the passage of the railway bill - line Gundagai to Tumut, via Adelong - through both Houses.

He was met on the road between town and Gocup by about 100 people.

The cavalcade repaired to the Oriental Hotel, where drinks were ordered in, the Mayor (Alderman Weedon) presiding.

The health of our member was felicitously proposed by the chairman and seconded by Mr. R. A. Newman, and further supported by Messrs. W. D. P.O'Brian, Clout, M'Gruer, Davis, and others.

All spoke in glowing terms of our members energy and perseverance, regarding him as a life member for Tumut.

The toast was drunk with enthusiasm.

Great praise was attributed by our member to Messrs. J. H. Want, A. Ross, M.L.C., F. B. Suttor (Vice-President of the Executive Council), and others, for the warm support they gave in the matter of the railway.

This marks an era in the history of Tumut, and certainly means a big future for the district. 

There are some who decry it, content to drag alone in the "ruts of their forefathers" - too slow to follow in the wake of civilisation. It was ever thus.

The town on the occasion of the return was gay with flags and bunting, and everybody shook hands with himself. 

A centenarian in the person of Mr. J. M'Namara, of Goobarragandra, went to his long home on 26th ult.

The deceased was born in Ireland in 1799, and had entered his 101st year.

The poor old man had been bedridden for four years, and his death was attributed to senile decay.

He arrived in this colony in 1836, and 12 years ago came from Monaro to Tumuf.

He leaves a son and daughter and 37 grandchildren to mourn his departure. 

On Friday last Mr G. Danvers, sen., who has lately retired from business, was presented by his friends with a purse of sovereigns at the Commercial Hotel.

Our member, Mr. R. Donaldson, presided, and paid the guest of the evening some well deserved compliments. Mr. Danvers had ever taken a warm interest in public and political matters, and good "old Father Christmas," as he is familiarly termed, had made a host of friends in the town where he had been resident for about 17 years.

Mr. D. P. O'Brien. Mr. S. Groves, and E. Madden, and others spoke bearing out what had been uttered. 

Mr. Danvers suitably replied, thanking all for the presentation and kind expressions.

Another class of wine, and the toast of the chairman was proposed and responded to, and the meeting separated.

On 25th ult. Messrs. Buckley and Stokes got a nugget in their claim on Goobarragandra, about 29 miles from Tumut, weighing 3oz. 5dwts. 4grs.

This is considered the heaviest obtained on the river. Messrs. 

Withers and Manns have succeeded in turning the river above, and anticipate a good return. Messrs. Brannon and Dooge are busy prospecting an arsenical pyrites lode at Wyangle.

It shows 18in. wide, assay 40 per cent., and is of the value of 2/10s. per ton   Sydney. This is considered payable.

At Billipaloola Messrs. Mason, Keefe, and others are having a five-head stamper buttery erected, with foundation to increase to 10 head if needed.

There are any amount of reefs in this locality, not payable hitherto by reason of the great cost of haulage to Ade-long, and the battery will no doubt be a boon and a benefit to all, and be the means of opening up this auriferous locality. 

 A special meeting of the amateur picnic club racing committee was held at Tattersail's (Madigans) on 25th ult., and decided to hold a day's racing after the Turf Club Spring Meeting on November 10.

There were present Messrs. James Blakeney (chair man), M. M'Namuara (secretary), T. AllsoppH. M'Namara. C. S. Byrne, J. Elliott, B.Clayton, W. Eurell, and Dr. Mason.

Resolved that the club issue a programme for a day's racing, that it be limited to 35, that a Trial Handicap be included limited to winners not over 5; the second race to be a Railway Handicap, prize 10, distance one mile; the third race to be a Hurdle Race, for horses that have never won a hurdle race exceeding 20. and open to all flat racers.

It was decided that the next be for Ladies' Bracelet, value 5, subsidised to the extent of 5 to be collected from the business people, 2/ 10s. was subscribed in the room; the last race to be a Farewell Handicap, of 5, no limited conditions, except post entrance. 

Entries to close on November 8, at 8 p.m. All riders at last October meeting to be re-registered, unless some fatal objection was raised.

Preliminaries were discussed, and Mr. O. Harris was elected a member of the club. 

Tumut has not given up the idea yet of the federal capital if Albury has, and there is no doubt we have a district hard to 'wipe out' under all conditions.

The weather continues dry, and a down- fall of rain will be gladly hailed. Pasture is beginning to change its hue, and farmers complain of the difficulty of getting the ground to pieces.

Late frosts threaten the coming fruit crop, which was ruined last year from the same cause.