Tumut Jottings

6 July 1872 The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

Within the past two months, tho following   portions of land have been conditionally purchased at our land office:-

T. Holloran, 40 acres, East Blowering;

Chas. Burns, 40 acres, Brungle Creek;

W. F. Brown, 40 acres, Yavon Yavon. Creek;

R. Guest, 100 acres, same place;

J. Day, sen. 40 acres. Mondongo;

P. Beattie, 40 acres, Blowering;

H.   McKenzie, 40 acres, Brungle Creek;

J. Robertson, 60 acres, Wyangle;

J. Boyd, 50 acres, Gilmore;

J. F. Prouse, 200 acres, Ellerslie;

T. Arragan, 49 acres, Bald Hill, Adelong;

J. Hassett, 40 acres, Ellerslie;

E. G. Brown, 60 acres, Wereboboldera;

F. Beggs,60 acres, Bogong;

J. Illett, 89 acres, Bogong; 

E. Court, 40 acres, same place;

T. Piper, jun., 105 acres, .Killimacat;

J. Bourke, 40 acres, Bogong; same, 40 acres, same place;

F. Halloran, 40 acres, Lac-ma-lac;

N. J. S. Buckley, 40 acres, Mondongo;

C. Baker, 120 acres, Gadara;

C. Guy, 40 acres, Brungle Creek; 

A. G. Waller, 80 acres, Ellerslie;

J.H. Lampe, 40 acres, Talabingo.


Within the past week the rain has continued to fall in torrents, and has stopped all but-door avocations.

On Monday the river commenced to rise very fast, and towards evening the large volume of water that flowed over the flats adjoining the stream presented every indication that we were about to be visited with a heavy flood; however, the water did not rise as high as was expected, and it is now fast falling. 

The Bank of New South Wales, which recently established a branch here, adjoining the Bee-hive store, has this week removed into those commodious premises formerly in the occupation of the Oriental Bank, in Wynyard street, in this town which the Bank has now leased for a term of five years.      

Pursuant to public notice Mr. F. W. Vyner, P.M., held a public meeting at the Court-house, Tumut, on Wednesday last, for the purpose of electing five trustees under the Town-Permanent Common Act, No.- 11 Vic. No, 31, to represent a portion 148 acres which has been set apart at Tumut for that purpose. 

The meeting was very sparsely attended, and those interested did not clearly seem to understand its object; but after some explanations from the Chairman the following gentlemen were elected as trustees without opposition:- Messrs. T. Mulvihill, JV Madden, K. Hayes, J. Packet, and N. Revelle.

It is to be hoped that those gentlemen will at once set to work in earnest, and frame the necessary Bye-laws for the guidance of the public.