Tumut Local News

The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

6 December 1873

The mischance mentioned in last issue as happening to a party of residents in our town, when en route to the Wagga Wagga races, was but the commencement of a chapter of accidents which may be recorded.

On Saturday evening last the party referred to, in company with Messrs. Downey, in two buggies, quitted Wagga Wagga on their homeward rout; but when the wagonette containing Messrs. Swift, Macnamara, Blakeney, Fitzgerald, and Grant arrived at Guy's Hill the horses bolted down the incline, and as the brake of the vehicle was useless finally upset it. Fortunately none of the party were seriously injured by the spill.

After some delay another start was effected, and through the kind assistance of the Messrs. Downey the party arrived; at about 9 p.m., at Bannatyne's Hotel, where they sojourned for the night. Early next morning the travellers temporarily repaired their conveyance and proceeded onwards; but when they had gone about, six miles misfortune again overtook them by the axletree of the wagonette breaking.

The Messrs. Downey proceeded to Griffiths' Hotel, at Hillas Creek, and left the ladies there, returning with their vehicles to take up their unlucky companions, who were traversing the road on "shank's nag." Having arrived at Hillas' Creek another start was effected; but shortly afterwards the horse that Mr Swift was riding became lame, and as it was considered that this gentleman's massive proportions would prove too much for the wagonette, in addition to its other occupants, recourse was again had to the Amerian wagon, and the party arrived safely at Adelong, whence, after refreshing themselves, they started for Tumut; but met with another accident near Mr. Downey's Hotel, where they remained for the night, leaving next morning, and arriving; without further mishap at Tumut.

We fancy this party will not again trust to vehicles when they proceed on a journey, and were it not for the kind assistance the Messrs., Downey rendered them, they might have been detained some days on the road.

On Monday evening Mr. Flannery, Inspector of Public Schools, arrived in our town, and having visited our various educational establishments was on Wednesday, and the two following days, engaged in holding a teachers' examination. We, understand he will leave here on Monday next and proceed to Tumbarumba, and thence to Albury.

The body of the unfortunate man Richard- son, who was drowned while attempting to cross the river at Blowering, was recovered on Saturday last near the scene of the accident, resting on a snag in the river. It bad been about ten days in the water and was much decomposed. A magisterial enquiry was held by Mr. E. G. Brown and the corpse was interred near where it was found. 

On Tuesday evening an interesting discussion took place at; the Tumut Literary Institute, on the subject "Is novel rending beneficial." Mr. Maitland, who was called to the chair, briefly introduced Mr Nolan, who, as one of the Ministry, opened the debate in the affirmative, and was supported by Messrs. Shortill, Murchison, Brennan, Fitzgerald, Dear, and the Chairman. The opposite side was taken by Mr. Tuohy and Mr. Flannery.

The latter, who was a visitor, offered some very good arguments in support of his view of the subject; but when the question was put to the meeting the affirmative was carried by a majority of eleven to one. We are pleased to notice that of late an increasing   amount of interest has been, manifested by the members in the business of the Institute.

We referred in last issue to the lack of interest shown by Tumut cricketers in this manly game during the present season. Since that notice a challenge has been received from the Adelong cricketers inviting our "knights   of the willow" to a friendly match during   Christmas week. We regret that we have not a club established; but we believe the gauntlet thrown down by our Adelong friends will be taken up.

During the past week some person stripped the clothes-line at the rear of the Mona Isle Hotel and deposited the articles it contained in Mrs. Green's garden, where they were found by her and returned to their owners. Probably this silly piece nf larrikinism was perpetrated by some (if the youths a party signing himself "Peace Lover" complains bitterly of.

On Saturday Mr Vyner sold, on behalf of the Commissioner for Intestate Estates, several allotments of land in town, the property of the late Edward Morris. The prices realised show that land is increasing in value in our rising town.

We understand that it is the intention of the directors of the Consolidated Lac-ma-lac G.M. Co. to commence active mining operations at this holding during the early part of next week. They have secured the services of an export in quartz crushing and gold-saving, who will have the sole management of the machine, and will take care to prevent the enormous loss of the precious metal which   has recently taken place while reducing the auriferous quartz at the company's machine.

On Friday last, as a carrier was unloading some goods at the Horse and Jockey Hotel, the horses in the waggon became uneasy, and while he was in the act of preventing a bolt one of his arms, which got entangled with the trace-chains, was fractured just above the wrist. Dr. Windrum attended to the sufferer.

On Thursday last a foot race came off at Wagga Wagga between Mr. Henry Hilton, junr., of Tumut;, and a youth, of the above locality who has gained for himself some renown as being fleet of foot, and who won the race easily.      

The following selections were made at our Land Office on Thursday:- W. Morton, 40a., Ellerslie ; H. J. Kemp, 40a., Gadara ; R. C. Cribb, 80a., Goberagandera.